Craving Chocolate Cake Layered Cake

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Our cakes are all handcrafted in store. Some product may not look the same as the picture.

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

If you are looking for an ice cream cake that satisfies your chocoholic cravings, Marble Slab’s chocolate cake ice cream cake is the answer. This sumptuous layered cake takes our signature 100% Canadian dairy-based ice cream and combines it with rich fudge sauce for ultimate in chocolate confections. Skor® pieces add a caramel crunch that will have your taste buds popping and begging for more.

Order Your Chocolate Ice Cake

In general, we require 48 hours to prepare chocolate ice cream cake orders. Depending on the cake and the size, some may be available for immediate pick up, so please contact us ahead of time to ensure you get to take home the perfect dark chocolate ice cream cake for your celebration. With many shops all across Canada, there is sure to be a Marble Slab near you. Find your nearest location to peruse our tasty confection selection, or to order today.

Choose Marble Slab for Your Celebration

If our Craving Chocolate Cake Layered Cake sounds delicious to you chocolate fans, then check out our other scrumptious combinations. Marble Slab’s all chocolate ice cream cake is but one of many options in our catalogue of gourmet ice cream cakes. Our Brownie Bits and Swiss Cake is one of the best chocolate ice cream cakes on our menu with ooey gooey brownie bits we make in-store. Chocoholics may also enjoy our Chocolate Cheesecake Delight Cake which incorporates our mouth-watering cheesecake ice cream and chocolate chips for next-level indulgence. If you enjoy peanut butter with your chocolate, check out our Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake. At Marble Slab we pride ourselves on being able to quench even the sweetest tooth. For the best chocolate ice cream cake experience around, contact us today and get celebrating!