Vegan Pre-Packed Half Litre

Vegan Pre-Packed Half Litre


Vegan Ice Cream

Our tantalizingly delicious vegan ice cream is not only available by the half-litre, but we also make vegan ice cream CAKES! Customized by you with flavour options and a selection of vegan mixin’s, order today for an unforgettable cake experience. The next time you think to yourself ‘Where can I buy vegan ice cream near me?’ Think Marble Slab!

Vegan Ice Cream Flavours

Although vegan chocolate ice cream is often our most popular, we now carry a variety of vegan ice cream flavours, depending on ingredient availability at your local Marble Slab. In addition to our original flavours of coconut milk, strawberry banana, chocolate and pina colada, we have since created the mouth-watering additions of coconut lime and chocomint!

Marble Slab as a New Vegan Ice Cream Brand

For almost 20 years, Marble Slab Creamery has been making gourmet ice cream in Canada using 100% Canadian Dairy. But we recognized that those who cannot eat dairy, or elect to eat a plant-based diet, should not be left out of enjoying one of life’s greatest treats. So in 2021 we debuted our vegan ice cream in 4 flavours, and now we are able to scoop happiness for a whole new demographic! It always pleases us greatly to hear from our customers that Marble Slab makes the best vegan ice cream. The overwhelming interest of our customers to buy vegan ice cream inspired us to continue to grow our plant-based line and we now offer additional flavours for your enjoyment. Some are kept in stock ready to go, but often we make our half-litre containers for customers from scratch, so be sure to check with your local Marble Slab to discover the best way to order.