The Best Ice Cream Cones

The surest way to make your ice cream cone delicious from top to bottom is with a Marble Slab specialty waffle cone or waffle bowls. Our waffle cones are hand-rolled and baked fresh in store to compliment any ice cream cone combination. Check out our selection of hand-rolled waffle cones and waffle bowls online or come on in!

Waffle Bowls - Ice Cream Your Way

Do you prefer to eat your ice cream with a spoon, but do not want to miss out on the sweetness of a waffle cone? Marble Slab has created the perfect answer to this age-old conundrum: the waffle bowl for ice cream. Enjoy your ice cream with a spoon and then eat the bowl! Voila - the best of both worlds available in a variety of flavours and toppings.

Incredible Variety of Waffle Cones

The ice cream waffle cone selection at Marble Slab is rivaled by none. Our hand-rolled waffle cones and waffle bowls come in a traditional vanilla base that have multiple options for dips for toppings. Dips include chocolate and white chocolate, and additional waffle cone toppings include such options as peanuts, Butterfinger bits, Skor bits and rainbow sprinkles. If you are craving that classic waffle cone ice cream experience, choosing one of these mouth-watering creations will take your ice cream treat to the next level. For your next ice cream cone, come experience the taste of waffle cone tradition, or, enjoy one of our trademark waffle bowls with your favourite ice cream. At Marble Slab Creamery, you can’t go wrong with waffle cones for ice cream. Come try one today and feel like a kid in an ice cream store!