Cupcakes with Ice Cream

Marble Slab is making your wildest dessert dreams come true with this ingenious combination of ice cream and cupcakes. Just when you thought our premier treats couldn’t be any more delicious, we present you with gourmet cupcakes of ice cream. These single serving delicacies will satisfy all with their tantalizing combinations of flavours, including chocolate ice cream cupcakes, and strawberry ice cream cupcakes.

Marble Slab Means Quality

We pride ourselves on serving the freshest, creamiest ice cream possible, by using 100% Canadian Dairy and making it by hand in-store. We also love to think outside the cone by designing delectable new ways to enjoy ice cream. So please delight in one of our favourite creations: the scrumptious ice cream cake cupcake.

Flavours of our Ice Cream Cupcakes

For this enticing marriage of cupcakes and ice cream, we have created flavour combos that will rock your dessert world. Our assortment packs come in 6 delicious flavours. If you are imagining chocolate ice cream cupcakes, then be prepared to be blown away by our ‘Double Chocolate’ cupcake which has a fudge centre topped with decadent chocolate frosting, fudge drizzle and chocolate chips. Strawberry ice cream cupcakes become a masterpiece when our strawberry ice cream is given a rich chocolate fudge centre with strawberry frosting and fudge drizzle on top. And if you are thinking you might like a vanilla ice cream cupcake, be amazed by our ‘Vanilla Brownie’ cupcake, as our Madagascan vanilla ice cream surrounds a rich chocolate fudge centre and is topped with vanilla frosting and dark chocolate shavings. Other decadent options include ‘Peanut Butter’, ‘Raspberry Cheesecake’, and ‘Turtle Cup’ for even more complex flavour combos. The next time you are looking for a fun new treat with a creative combination like ice cream and cupcakes, come on down to your nearest Marble Slab and try a box of our assorted ice cream cake cupcakes. You won’t regret it!