Marble Slab Creamery can bring a gourmet touch to any occasion! Your guests will be in ice cream heaven as we dish out the freshest ice cream in the world.

Ice Cream Sundae Bar-To-Go

Minimum booking of 10 portions.

Our Sundae Bar To-Go is the perfect party ice cream bar for small to medium groups and includes:

Up to 3 flavours of your choosing, pre-scooped into cups. 5 candy toppings of your choosing. Whipped Cream, Sundae Nuts, &
Maraschino Cherries. Napkins & Spoons.

All these dessert catering items will be packaged up and either delivered to your locations (delivery charge will apply) or can be picked up from your closest location. Contact us now for further information on making this dreamy party ice cream bar a reality!

Full Service Sundae Bar

Starting at $8.99/person. Minimum order of 50 portions.

We bring the complete Marble Slab Creamery party ice cream experience to you! The Full Service Sundae Bar is dessert catering at its best, and is ideal for medium to large gatherings and includes:

Up to 3 flavours of your choosing. 5 candy toppings of
your choosing Whipped Cream, Sundae Nuts, & Maraschino Cherries. Plus Caramel & Fudge toppings. Napkins & Spoons. Additionally, this ice cream sundae bar option comes with 1-2 Marble Slab Staff; We set it up, serve it up & clean it up!

Birthday Party Ice Cream Catering

Enlist Marble Slab’s delectable ice cream catering services for your next fun event. Sure to please and delight guests of all ages, flavours and toppings are chosen by you for the ultimate, customizable party ice cream bar! As always, our ice cream is hand made fresh in store, using 100% Canadian dairy for the richest, creamiest premium ice cream available. 

Transform any event into a magical, create-your-dream-treat experience, and leave your guests satisfied and smiling with a delicious and whimsical ice cream sundae bar! Enjoy Marble Slab at your next birthday, work or cultural event and celebrate right. For more information about Marble Slab’s dessert catering for parties, find your nearest location or contact us any time.

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