Vegan Ice Cream Cake from Marble Slab!

Looking for a dairy free ice cream cake? Marble Slab has you covered! We have plenty of practice creating mouth-watering ice cream confections, and we’ve used that experience to make you a selection of super tasty, lactose-free ice cream cakes. Our non-dairy ice cream cakes come in a variety of sizes, and can include custom messages up to 40 characters long.

The Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream Cakes Around

Have you been dreaming of an ice cream cake – lactose free? You simply must try one of our delectable creations, offering mouth-watering sweetness that is as tasty as it is inclusive. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, and sourced from 100% Canadian Fresh Dairy, our vegan ice cream birthday cakes will be a hit at any celebration.

Vegan Birthday Cake Ice Cream for All

If you’re lactose intolerant, ice cream cake is usually just not an option for you. At Marble Slab, we love ice cream so much we want to make sure it is accessible to as many as possible, which is why we offer a large variety of ice cream cakes for vegans and lactose intolerant customers. We have several options of lactose free ice cream cake that have proven to be favourites, including Cookies and Cream, Pina Colada, Cookie Butter, and Chocolate Strawberry. Most of these options also come gluten-free as an added bonus! As Marie Antoinette would surely say: “Let them eat vegan ice cream cake!” Note that all vegan ice cream cakes require 48 hours’ notice to order, but the wait is worth it, we promise!