We're hiring Scoopers! Have you always wanted to work in a fun, exciting and happy environment!?  We're looking for you!

Ajax - Ajax, ON
Send resumes to:  muddsar@hotmail.com

Denman Street - Vancouver, BC
Send resumes to:  marbleslabdenman@gmail.com 

Pendale Plaza - St. Catharines, ON
Please send resumes to - marbleslab.pendale@gmail.com
Must be from St. Catharines and area to apply.

SmartCentres Burlington- Burlington, ON
Please send resumes to - arun0504@yahoo.com & gtafranchisee@gmail.com
Must be from Burlington and area to apply.

Chatham- Chatham, ON
Please send resumes to - 
mail4sangani@gmail.com & Marbleslabchatham@gmail.com
This location is looking for both part time and full time employees.

Calgary -Southland Crossing, Calgary
Please send resumes to – Ritu@workidea.ca
Must be from Calgary and area to apply.

Beaumont -Beaumount, Alberta
Please send resumes to – marbleslabbeaumont187@gmail.com

Don't see the store you're looking for? Please apply directly to the store location you're interested in working at!