Double Dark Chocolate Ice Cream on Fudge Chip Cookie Sandwich


Ice Cream and Chocolate Cookie Sandwich Combination

Chocolate lovers, it doesn’t get better than this! Rich dark chocolate times two, sandwiched between two delicious Fudge Chip cookies equals chocolate heaven. Not all chocolate ice cream sandwiches are made equal, as Marble Slabs are certainly a cut above the rest. This double chocolate ice cream sandwich will certainly fill your weekly chocolate quota. The idea of pairing a chocolate ice cream sandwich with chocolate cookies is unlikely a new idea, but using Marble Slabs delectable ice cream made with real Canadian dairy just takes it to another level.

Ice Cream Sandwiches with Chocolate Ice Cream

You can order our ice cream chocolate sandwich creations online and pick them up at your nearest Marble Slab location, a super convenient option for all the chocolate ice cream sandwich lovers out there, of which there must be millions! Right? You can order these chocolate ice cream sandwiches individually or by the dozen, or honestly any amount you want. The double dark chocolate ice cream on fudge chip cookie sandwich is far from our only chocolate ice cream sandwich. You could always order our white chocolate ice cream on chocolate chip cookie sandwich and add to your chocolate ice cream sandwich collection.

Marble Slab Has the Best Ice Cream Chocolate Sandwiches

No matter what you try from Marble Slab Creamery, whether it’s one of our famous ice cream cakes or one of our chocolate ice cream sandwiches, you’ll know it was made with high quality ingredients and with the utmost care. All of our products are made fresh in store with 100% real Canadian Dairy. At Marble Slab Creamery, we serve happiness, one scoop at a time. And sometimes that scoop is literally sandwiched between two double chocolate fudge cookies, which is alright with us.