Custom Ice Cream Cake

Mixin Amount:
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Cake Serving Sizes:

Mini Cake: 1-2 people
Small Cake: 6-8 people
Large Cake: 12-16 people
Slab Cake: 25+ people

Our cakes are all handcrafted in store. Some product may not look the same as the picture.

Personalized Ice Cream Cakes

If you’ve ever wondered to yourself, where might I find a custom ice cream cake near me? The answer is easy, with over 100 locations across Canada, Marble Slab can help you design an ice cream cake perfect for any occasion. Custom ice cream cakes are a Marble Slab specialty, as we have so many styles and flavours for you to choose from. Our custom made ice cream cakes can take the form of any of our regular cakes. You can also design an ice cream cake with a custom ice cream cake message up to 40 characters long.

Design an Ice Cream Cake Online

With no shortage of options, you can design an ice cream cake any way you want. We have plenty of low-fat yogurt and vegan options you can choose from, allowing even more people to enjoy and create a custom ice cream cake. We have in excess of 60 flavours you can use to design an ice cream cake, and you can even top it off with plenty of Marble Slab mixins. The options are nearly endless, meaning your creation can be perfectly tailored to your desires.

Choose Marble Slab for Any Occasion

You’ll never go wrong ordering your own design of ice cream cake, but Marble Slab does offer a huge variety of already perfected styles and flavours of ice cream cakes. You can order a Raspberry Cheesecake, one of our best sellers, or you could go a completely different route and grab a Gimme S’More Cake, made with a combination of chocolate swiss ice cream, graham crackers and marshmallows. You could also order a 6-pack of our incredibly tasty Ice Cream Sandwiches! Whether you want to design an ice cream cake, or choose from one of our many flavours, Marble Slab Creamery will have what you’re looking for.