Warming Up The Winter With Ice Cream!

Welcome to Mid-January! We are so happy to be enjoying this winter wonderland at Marble Slab Canada. But have you ever caught yourself wishing you could warm up the season while still keeping the snow? We have and we have come up with an idea. What if we could eat our favourite winter drinks? Capture that comforting warm feeling but in an ice cream?

Coming soon, we will launch our winter flavours which will be: Chai, Mocha and Green Tea! Not only are these flavours comforting but they are delicious. Chai will be warming and full, with its hints of clove and ginger. Mocha will provide a little kick that we have learned to love by teaming up chocolate with coffee and Green Tea will stay true to its roots and be a subtle taste.

While we can’t change our weather, we can learn to embrace the beauty that the chilly season brings to us. Whether you have snow or not, the winter months bring a sense of easy, calmness to it. We know that we are still adjusting to our new normal, but we hope we can bring a little sweetness into your life.

Let’s celebrate all of the little wins and remember that the hardships of last year will pass. Until then, have a little dessert!

Stay happy, stay sweet and most importantly, stay safe.