Ice Cream Cupcakes - 6 Pack


Take home a mixed pack of our tasty Ice Cream Cupcakes.

Flavours Included

Double Chocolate
Perfect for chocolate lovers, this Double Dark Chocolate ice cream cupcake has a fudge centre topped with decadent chocolate frosting, fudge drizzle and chocolate chips in a chocolate-coated waffle cup.

Peanut Butter
This indulgent cupcake is made of Peanut Butter ice cream with peanut butter in the centre and drizzled on top, in a chocolate-coated waffle cup topped with chocolate frosting and a Reese's® Peanut Butter Cup accent.

Raspberry Cheesecake
Raspberry puree in the centre of Cheesecake ice cream with raspberry puree drizzled over-top our Madagascan vanilla frosting. Add a graham cracker garnish to perfect this creation in a chocolate-coated waffle cup.

Turtle Cup
This classic combination features sweet Praline ice cream with caramel and pecans in the centre topped with Madagascan vanilla frosting, pecans, fudge and caramel drizzle in a chocolate-coated waffle cup.

Strawberry Fudge
Made of Strawberry ice cream, complete with a rich chocolate fudge centre and topped with strawberry frosting and a fudge drizzle in a chocolate-coated waffle cup.

Vanilla Brownie
A chocolate-fudge brownie morsel placed perfectly in the centre of Madagascan Vanilla Ice cream, topped with Madagascan Vanilla frosting and decadent dark chocolate shavings in a chocolate-coated waffle cup.