NEW! Birthday Bonanza Ice Cream Cupcakes - 6 Pack


Take home a pack of our NEW tasty Birthday Bonanza Ice Cream Cupcakes.

Birthday Cake Ice Cream and Gummy Bears and Sprinkles, OH MY!. One of our fan favourite Tasty Creations, in a cupcake! 

Perfect for Birthday Parties!

Try Marble Slab’s New Ice Cream Cupcakes!

Discover pure joy in every bite with Marble Slab Creamery's latest sensation – the Birthday Bonanza Ice Cream Cupcake. One of our most popular cake creations, a killer combo of flavors awaits you as you indulge in the decadence of Birthday Cake ice cream, complemented by the creamy delight of whipped cream. Sprinkles add a colorful burst of happiness, while gummy bears provide a playful twist in this delightful creation. All served in a convenient single-serve size, our Birthday Bonanza Ice Cream Cupcake is a sweet symphony of celebration encased in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone.

Ice Cream Cupcakes – Perfect for Parties

Ideal for birthday parties and gatherings, these delightful treats bring a burst of fun to any occasion. The single-serve sizes make them easy to handle, ensuring that everyone gets their own share of the party. Whether you're celebrating a special day or simply craving a dose of happiness, the Birthday Bonanza Ice Cream Cupcake 6-Pack from Marble Slab Creamery promises an unforgettable experience. Raise your dessert game with this whimsical combination of flavors and textures, encapsulated in a charming chocolate-dipped waffle cone – because every celebration deserves a touch of sweetness.