Chocolate Dipped Waffle Cone

Chocolate Ice Cream Cones for the Win!

If you are looking for the most possible chocolate in an ice cream cone, then one of our chocolate dipped cones is the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth! Dipped in warm, melted milk chocolate, and then cooled to achieve a perfectly sweet crunch, the chocolate cone coating enhances the flavour and texture of any ice cream treat!

Ordering Chocolate Dipped Cones

Our delicious chocolate waffle cones are available at all Marble Slab locations, and are selected at the time of ordering. Options are what we do best at Marble Slab, so you will always have your choice of cone, whether that is a chocolate ice cream cone or one of our other confections, all you need to do is ask…then enjoy!

Chocolate Dipped Cones – A Treat Years in the Making

The humble ice cream cone has been delighting ice cream lovers of all ages since the turn of the last century. And although this method of holding and transporting ice cream did not begin as a chocolate dipped ice cream cone, it did begin as an actual waffle. The story goes that once upon a time at a popular town fair, the ice cream booth had run out of bowls. The stall next door made waffles, and it occurred to the vendor that if he rolled a waffle into a cone shape while hot and let it cool like that, it could support many scoops of ice cream! And so the legend of the waffle cone began out of necessity, and today is still the ultimate way to consume everyone’s favourite frozen treat. Come by for a chocolate dipped ice cream cone today, and be a part of waffle history!