Strawberries 'N' Cream Cake

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Cake Serving Sizes:
Mini Cake: 1-2 people
Small Cake: 6-8 people
Large Cake: 12-16 people
Slab Cake: 25+ people

Our cakes are all handcrafted in store. Some product may not look the same as the picture.

Marble Slabs Delectable Strawberry Ice Cream Cakes

Nothing comforts the soul more than strawberries and cream, especially when it's ice cream! Fresh strawberries are hand-mixed into Sweet Cream ice cream. Our strawberry ice cream cakes are something special. We don’t really know why, but when strawberries and ice cream come together, the concoction is almost otherworldly in its tastiness. And when you go a step further and mix strawberry ice cream and cake together, it’s basically magic at that point. Some of this may be hyperbole, but we mean it when we say our strawberry ice cream cakes are fantastically delicious.

Strawberry Ice Cream Cakes Worth Savouring

Our strawberry ‘n’ cream ice cream cakes can be ordered in several sizes, from a mini 4 inch all the way to a rather large 14 inch by 10 inch slab. We think it’s worth getting the slab size of our strawberry ice cream cake, but you do you. Our strawberry ice cream cakes are far from our only cake offerings. You could try our ridiculously tasty Brownie Bits & Swiss Cake, or are ever-popular Birthday Bonanza Ice Cream Cake, which you can add your own personalized message on. Looking for an ice cream treat of a different variety? Marble slab is bursting with options, like the Vanilla Ice Cream on Chocolate Cookie Sandwich, one of many ice cream sandwiches in our collection of ice cream treats.

A Strawberry Ice Cream Cake you Won’t Regret

No matter what you try from Marble Slab Creamery, whether it’s one of our super tasty strawberry ice cream cakes or a vanilla cookie ice cream sandwich combination, you’ll know it was made with high quality ingredients and with the utmost care. All of our products are made fresh in store with 100% real Canadian Dairy. At Marble Slab Creamery, we serve happiness, one scoop at a time.