Custom Vegan Cake

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Create a custom vegan cake that will give you something to celebrate! Choose from 4 yummy, dairy-free flavours and our vegan friendly mixins to create a cake you won’t forget! All vegan custom cakes require 48 hours notice.

Cake Serving Sizes:

Mini Cake: 1-2 people
Small Cake: 6-8 people
Large Cake: 12-16 people
Slab Cake: 25+ people

Our cakes are all handcrafted in store. Some product may not look the same as the picture.

Custom Vegan Ice Cream Cakes

What could possibly be better than a vegan ice cream cake? How about a custom cake?! That’s right – you can customize your vegan cake to enhance and celebrate any occasion! Custom vegan birthday cakes are a very popular choice for those that either cannot or choose not to eat dairy products, but miss the deliciousness and nostalgia of a true Canadian classic dessert.

Order a Vegan Custom Cake Today

There’s no shortage of mouth-watering flavours for our vegan ice cream cakes as well, and the options continue to grow. Some of our current selection include classic chocolate and vanilla flavours, refreshing chocomint, or fruity options like lemon-lime, pina colada, green apple, and strawberry banana flavoured vegan custom cakes.

Choose Marble Slab for Your Celebration

Our custom vegan birthday cakes are certainly delicious, but they are far from our only offering. You can try our sensation-dazzling Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven with Nutella Cake, or you can order a Cookie Dough Drizzle Cake, made with real cookie dough and chunks of Oreos. No matter what type of ice cream treat you are after, Marble Slab Creamery has something to meet your sweet-toothed desires. With more than 100 Marble Slab Creamery locations across Canada, it’s easier than ever to order a custom vegan cake online, and simply pick it up at your nearest location. What are you waiting for? Make the vegan or lactose-intolerant person in your life feel all kinds of special with a custom vegan cake made of dairy free ice cream from the one and only Marble Slab Creamery.