Strawberry Shortcake

This light, fresh treat is a delicious harmony of shortcake, your choice of ice cream flavour, fresh strawberries, strawberry topping and whipped cream.

Marble Slab’s Ice Cream Strawberry Shortcake

Folks, this one, this one right here, seriously. We really think we’ve outdone ourselves with our new gourmet creation. We bring to you, the ice cream strawberry shortcake! (Cue epic music score) Our strawberry shortcake ice cream dessert combines the light yet very fulfilling taste of strawberry shortcake with Marble Slab’s heavy and oh-so satisfying ice cream create just about the finest dessert dish one could imagine. And topping it off with actual fresh-cut strawberry chunks? Well, you’ve gone above and beyond now, as this ice cream strawberry shortcake dessert is going to be the envy of all who don’t have it. But fret not! Just come to your nearest Marble Slab and order yourself an ice cream strawberry shortcake today!

Oh-So Good Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Dessert

So how are you going to have your ice cream strawberry short cake prepared? You could always have your strawberry shortcake with vanilla ice cream, which is a guaranteed winner in our books. But what’s to stop you from upping the strawberry ante and ordering your ice cream strawberry shortcake with strawberry ice cream? Nothing’s stopping you! We’ll prepare your ice cream strawberry shortcake with whichever Marble Slab ice you want, even if that’s apple ‘n’ spice. We’re all about making your dessert an experience that you’ll remember, and customization allows you to break the chains and create a dessert you won’t soon forget.

Order Your Ice Cream Strawberry Shortcake from Marble Slab

No matter what you end up ordering from Marble Slab Creamery, whether it’s one of our amazing strawberry shortcake ice cream desserts, or maybe one of our mouth-watering banana splits, you’ll know it was made with high-quality ingredients and with the utmost care and attention to detail. All our products are made fresh in-store with 100% real Canadian Dairy. At Marble Slab Creamery, we serve happiness, one scoop at a time.