Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven with Nutella Cake

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A mouth-watering gourmet cake made with smooth, creamy chocolate hazelnut ice cream mixed with chocolate chips. Elegantly decorated with hazelnut praline chocolates and drizzled with Nutella®.

Cake Serving Sizes:
Mini Cake: 1-2 people
Small Cake: 6-8 people
Large Cake: 12-16 people
Slab Cake: 25+ people

Our cakes are all handcrafted in store. Some product may not look the same as the picture.

Chocolate Hazelnut Ice Cream Cake Heaven

There’s good reason why there seems to be an almost cultural surge of love for anything made with Nutella. It’s because the stuff is bloody tasty! Our hazelnut ice cream cake has no qualms about attacking this Nutella loving trend head on, delivering to the masses exactly what they are yearning for. Ok, so Maybe there’s a bit of hyperbole going on here, but it really is true that Nutella is quite beloved, and the hazelnut ice cream cake delivers on the well-loved flavour and doubles down with Marble Slab’s arguably equally well-loved ice cream. This hazelnut ice cream cake has it and then some.

A Hazelnut Ice Cream Cake to Remember

Ok, so we’ve certainly established that the Nutella hazelnut ice cream cake is supremely delicious, but we haven’t even touched on how good it looks. Seriously, Marble Slab’s Nutella hazelnut ice cream cake is a stunner. With drizzled chocolate lining the top and decorated with hazelnut praline chocolates, this hazelnut ice cream cake looks like it belongs as a submission on a highfalutin fancy desert competition. Make no mistake though, the Nutella hazelnut ice cream cake is down to earth, and luckily so is its price! So there’s not much left for you to do but go ahead and order Marble Slab’s Nutella hazelnut ice cream cake and pick it up at your local store. Might as well, right?

Marble Slab’s Nutella Hazelnut Ice Cream Cake

No matter what you try from Marble Slab Creamery, whether it’s a seriously satisfying Nutella hazelnut ice cream cake, or maybe one of our other cakes like the beloved Brownie Bits & Swiss Cake, you’ll know it was made with high quality ingredients and with the utmost care and attention to detail. All our products are made fresh in store with 100% real Canadian Dairy. At Marble Slab Creamery, we serve happiness, one scoop at a time.