We Can’t Leaf Our Vegan Ice Cream Alone!

Its finally here! We have launched our Vegan Ice Cream and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Our delicious coconut milk-based ice cream comes in 4 different, yummy flavours. Our refreshing and smooth coconut milk, strawberry banana, chocolate and pina colada! The natural ingredients really get to shine on its own. We have worked hard to create a product without dairy, that still has that satisfying ice cream taste.

The best part of launching our new vegan line up? WE HAVE A CAKE! That’s right, you can ring in all your celebrations by ordering a custom vegan cake! Our non-dairy cake can be made with any of our 4 vegan flavors and we do have some vegan mixins to customize your cake! Just make sure to call ahead and place your order 48 hours in advance.

 As we navigate safely into this physically distanced landscape, we must remember to celebrate our wins and what makes us all happily scream? Ice cream, this time vegan ice cream!

Stay sweet, stay happy and most importantly, stay safe.