Cones! Cones! Cones!

Marble Slab Creamery is known for our premium ice cream but did you know we have an amazing selection of premium cones too! We know our freshly made waffle cones taste as good as they smell but we love to up the ante. We dip our fresh cones in creamy melted chocolate and we can’t forget our mixins. We have dark chocolate dipped cones with Peanut, Skor, Sprinkles or just classic chocolate dipped. Do you love white chocolate? Well, we got you covered! You can enjoy a white chocolate dipped cone or jazz it up with some sprinkles! We also offer delicious waffle bowls too. White chocolate and dark chocolate, sprinkles or no sprinkles! Have you tried our different cones? At the beginning of each season, we love to surprise our guests with a special limited time offer cone! Who knows what tricks we have up our sleeves!