Brain Freeze Busters! Tips to Thaw Out and Feel Awesome Again!

Check out these 6 tips to recover from these frosty foes with a dash of playfulness and a sprinkle of science.
  1. The Tongue Tango: Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth to warm things up and defrost the ice cream headache.
  2. Nose Knows Best: Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. 
  3. Rub-a-Dub Forehead: Give your forehead a mini massage to increase blood flow and kick that ice cream headache to the curb.
  4. Lick, Don't Scream: Instead of biting down on your delicious creamy treat (I know it's tempting), stick to licking your ice cream to prevent an avalanche of brain freeze.
  5. Warm Hugs for Healing: Embrace a loved one with a heartwarming hug. The power of love can defrost even the iciest of brain freezes.
  6. Mindfulness Moment: Practice deep breathing and mindfulness to stay cool, calm and collected during ice cream headache emergencies.
Remember, brain freeze is just a chilly hiccup in your ice cream adventure. These tips will have you back in the brain game in no time!