Birthdays are looking a bit different this year!

What a crazy time for birthdays this year, it’s crazy to think about how much we all have to adjust our lives. The one thing that has remained consistent throughout all of this though is the fact that we all need a bit of sweetness in our lives because sometimes life isn’t too sweet to us. That is why we are here to help. 


For us, making ice cream is a source of comfort but what is even more comforting is getting to eat it after, especially given these complicated times. We have fallen in love with the cakes we have made, and we want to share that love with you all. We do understand though love comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms, that’s why we want to remind you that you are able to custom create your own cake whether that is a mini cake or a slab cake. The options are endless with our unlimited mix-ins and even options to make your birthday cake vegan. 


Honestly, though, we do understand that creating your own custom cake can be exhausting in itself. This is why we have readily-made cakes available at your disposal. I may be a bit bias here, but the Turtle Cake is one of my absolute favourites. This happens to be one of my favourite chocolate candys and the fact that this is an Ice Cream Cake makes life more magical than it already IS because honestly, everything is better as a cake. 


The only thing is we like to add a bit of a twist by topping it off with pecans, fudge and caramel just to add to the perfection that already is this cake. Yes, I said it. PERFECTION. This cake is an absolute stunner and will have you and everyone at the table drooling. The only downside to this cake is that there is no downside, it makes you want to eat just one more bite. Let’s be honest though, its never just one more bite. 


This is why we are here though, we are here to remind you that it is okay to just have “one more bite” on your special day. So, we want to hear what your plans are for your birthday. Let us know in the comments below and what type of cake you are going to order for your big day.