Beat The Heat!

Yay for August Sunshine!

 Whew! We are so excited to be in the thick of summer! If the rest of the summer is anything like the last month, well then it will be ice cream’s favourite season!

 Now that we are mid-summer, we wanted to check in with our treat lovers and recap some of the highlights we already had! We couldn’t hold back our excitement for our summer flavours and tasty creation: Watermelon Slice, Grape Soda and Slam Dunk! With most restrictions being lifted, now is the time to celebrate safely! Not only are our cakes delicious and customizable but they also are available in 6 flavours that are ready for immediate pick up!

Did you know we can create a one-of-a-kind cake just for you? From banana with jolly ranchers to cheesecake with chocolate sauce and pretzels, we got you covered! We also have 4 different sizes of cakes to suit any occasion you can think of! Check out our Cakes section on the website to explore the possibilities.

Stay sweet, stay happy and most importantly, stay safe.